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Displays can be updated by communication from the PC via modems, which is particularly useful if the PC is remote from the displays.

The standard telephone modem is very popular.



Click on the icon left to download a copy of the Westermo TD-35 Telephone Modem Technical Instruction Manual.
The TD-35 is suitable for many applications including remote connection to PLC's energy meters or data loggers.

The TD-35 is a high quality V.34 PSTN and leased line modem designed for use in harsh industrial environments.It has a number of features not found in standard modems including complete tri-galvanic isolation, DIP switches for configuring popular AT commands and a watchdog function. The watchdog monitors internal hardware and software as well as the power supply. If any problems are detected the modem will be reset leaving the modem ready to receive the next call or to negotiate a new leased line connection. This feature makes the TD-35 ideal for use on unmanned sites.

Click on the icon left to download a copy of the Westermo TD-35 Telephone Modem Technical Datasheet


Some of the files are in Adobe .pdf format, if you do not already have an Adobe Reader click on the link below to download the latest version





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