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Detailed below are some of the wiring diagrams for our range of programmable LED Electronic Signs & Displays, if the diagram you require is not listed below, please contact Technical Support on 01264 303030.

Please feel free to down load the relevant diagrams for your LED display requirements.


When multiple signs are required or distances greater than 15M from the control PC have to be covered a flexible and reliable way of achieving this is to use a Local Area Network (LAN).

A communications port re-director on the host computer translates serial data into network data and this is then sent to a specific pre-configured IP address. Each sign is equipped with an Ethernet to Serial converter configured with an IP address matching those set up in the communications port re-director. Any data then sent to a re-directed port by the host PC will be forwarded to the relevant Ethernet to Serial converter.

Using Ethernet to Serial converters on a suitably configured network will allow the remote control of signs over considerable distance and even of the internet.

RS232 data is transmitted over a 3 or 5 core cable depending on whether handshaking is used to control the flow of data. The maximum transmission range for RS232 data is 15M, for distances exceeding that it is necessary to use one of the following methods of extension

  1. RS232 extender
  2. RS232 to 485 conversion (1200M range)
  3. Serial to Ethernet converter 100M range without can be extended by use of hubs or fibre optic link





Standard Wiring RS232 RS485

Handyport Connections

TCP/IP Lantronix - RS232 Operation

TCP/IP Lantronix - RS485 Operation





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